Happily Ever After

I couldn’t exactly say that I loved Taylor from the moment I laid eyes on him. I may have, but it was most likely covered up by the fact that I found him obnoxious, concieted and arrogant. And I’m sure that his attitude back then had been a direct result of my own cold-as-ice exterior.

But as soon as I started to get to know Taylor, and as soon as I let my guard down, I fell madly and head over heels in love with him. He was sweet and gentle, and the most caring person I’d ever met. I loved him, and I never doubted my love for him. Not once. I wasn’t sure that I even believed in the idea of soulmates, but I soon realized that Taylor was my soulmate. He was my perfect match.

We’d been through so many challenges together. Life for me hadn’t been easy for a long time. My father battled cancer and eventually died from it. My mother was an alcoholic, and her life ended with a tragic car accident. But Taylor got me through everything. He stayed with me, holding my hand and comforting me whenever I needed it. He became my life-line and my complete sanity. And I knew that even though Taylor and I had been through so much together, I could do anything with him by my side.

And soon we were facing a new challenge. Even though I thought I’d never become pregnant, and I truely believed Taylor and I would never be able to have a family of our own. I’d almost accepted it as a reality, until by some complete fluke and a welcome suprise, I discovered I was expecting.

I couldn’t be happier, and I could tell with the stark sparke in Taylor’s crystal blue eyes that he was ecstatic too. I was frightened about the aspect of a young life in my hands–I’d never even changed a diaper before–but I knew that with Taylor at my side, I could do it. I knew I could do anything as long as I had Taylor with me.

We got lucky a second time when the doctors told me we were having twins. I never thought I’d have one baby and now I was going to be able to have two perfect children, with the love of my life at my side. I knew it was going to be twice as hard, but I could do it. I  could do anything with Taylor.

The birth part had terrified me, but Taylor was right. It was only one day and our reward was two beautiful, healthy and perfect babies. A boy and a girl. We chose beautiful names that fit them perfectly and meant something to both Taylor and I.

I had a lot to lean before I could be a good, propper mommy to little James and tiny Sophia, but I knew Taylor was already going to be the perfect daddy to them. I just hoped he could teach me.

It was somewhat strange, but even after they’d been in the world for little more than an hour, when I held them in my arms, I knew I loved them so much it hurt. I knew by the way Taylor looked at them and smiled at me, he loved them just as much. He loved them unconditionally and he loved me just the same.

I held them in my arms in the hospital, I couldn’t wait to take them home. I couldn’t wait to bring them into the perfect and safe enviroment Taylor and I had created for them.